How We Work


We Work in Sprints of 48 Hours


UserTribe takes the hassle out of customer involvement. We give you the freedom to focus on actual value creation. We know how hard and time-consuming customer involvement can be. Find your testers. Invite them in. Interview each one. Analyze all responses. All too much for most companies’ capacity and calendar. Therefore, we have developed a lean way of doing it - for you to utilize. We take the weight off your shoulders and perform our 4 steps - in just 48 hours.


4 Step Process


We Recruit

We set out to find testers that are your actual customers. They are recruited based on the specific demographics of your target group. Your testers agree to participate and are briefed on the task at hand.

We Record

We record our testers on video as they interact with your project. They speak their minds as they solve the task at hand. Often times, the test can happen within the comfort of the tester’s own home – to avoid bias from changing environments.

We Analyze

We hand all recorded video material to specialists suited for analyzing qualitative data. And our specialists don’t just listen to your testers – they also look into body language, tone of voice and other behavioural queues.

We Deliver

When we have recorded and analyzed all data, we boil the entire data set down to clear, actionable insights; based – not on opinions – but on solid behavioral research.

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